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  • Sociology Ph.D. student Catherine DrouillardApril 8th, 2013 — Sociology Ph.D. student Catherine Drouillard, MSW, MA (to the immediate left of Mayor Caldwell) participated in the 2013 Equal Pay for Women Proclamation Ceremony at the mayor's office with her peers.
  • Joy at Golden KeyAugust 2014 — Joy Lacanienta is officially recognized as the the 2014 Golden Key International Honour Society Graduate Scholar in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Beth Richie colloquiumMarch 19, 2013 — Sociology Colloquium Series invited speaker Dr. Beth Richie.
  • Social Science Fair 20132013 — Dr. Kanuha, Chelsea, Joy, and Dr. Joyce volunteering at the Social Science Fair.
  • Manoa Eexperience 2008November 15, 2008 — The Mānoa Experience. Mahalo nui loa to volunteers (L to R) Meiko, Dr. Kanuha, Dr. Nakajima, Dr. Wood, Dr. Joyce, Daniel, Henry, (not pictured) Dana and Dr. Zhang, for providing attendees with a glimpse of the opportunities awaiting them in Sociology.


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April 8, 2014
Sociology graduate student Gita Neupane has been awarded the Jagdish Prasad Sharma scholarship. Congratulations, Gita!


March 31, 2014

Yuki Asahina has been selected as a student fellow for the 2014-2015 East-West Center's graduate degree fellowship. They will provide tuition, insurance, and stipend assistance in addition to the EWCA alumni scholarship. Congratulations, Yuki!

March 6, 2014

Sociology graduate student Joy Lacanienta has been selected as the winner of the Golden Key International Honour Society 2013 Graduate Scholar Award - Fall Selection. Congratulations, Joy!


February 27, 2014

Sang Pahk is the winner of the 2014 GSSA Paper Competition. There were 4 papers submitted to the competition and David Johnson, Sun-Ki Chai, and Krysia Mossakowski were the judges. Sang's paper, "Performativity and the Transformation of San Francisco's Street Food Market," is outstanding. Congratulations, Sang!

We are pleased to announce that Hiroki Igarashi was selected as the 2013 recipient of the Gary K. Sakihara Memorial Scholarship. Congratulations, Hiroki!