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Matthew O'Neil

Matthew O'Neil

Lecturer - Outreach - Online


Ph.D.(2011) University of Hawaii Manoa
M.A. (2002) ((Applied Sociology)) University of Massachusetts-Boston
B.A. (1996) Sociology/Psychology University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts.>



Political Economy
Public Policy
The Aging Experience
Social Stratification




Sociology 100: Introduction to The Study of Society
Sociology 214: Race and Ethnicity
Sociology 218: Survey of Social Problems
Sociology 311: Social Stratification and Inequality
Sociology 316: Survey of Social Change: Globalization
Sociology 336: Deviance and Social Control
Sociology 353: Sociology of Aging
Sociology 354: Survey of Medical Sociology
Sociology 411: Social Straitification
Sociology 412: Death and Dying
Sociology 413: Analysis of Economics in Society
Sociology 451: Analysis in Marriage and Family



The Compact of Free Association: An Impact Analysis for Hawaii (2006) : This study uses data provided by IHS (Institute for Human Services) Hawaii in assessing the impact of Micronesian migration Hawaii. Special consideration is given to the Micronesian impact on "local" homeless. Type: Articles in other periodicals ISBN: 1053-0789 Keywords: Micronesia, Homelessness in Hawaii, Hawaii Micronesian, Compact of Free Association


Awards & Honors

University of Hawaii Professional Assembly- Sponsored Participant (2014) : The Hawai'i National Great Teachers Seminar is a high energy summer retreat that brings teachers together to learn from each other and exchange teaching innovations and solutions to teaching problems.

East-West Center Young Leaders Fellowship (2006) : Each year the East-West Center invites rising young leaders from the United States and Asia Pacific to participate in this intensive two-week educational, dialogue and study travel program. After a nationwide search, I was 1 of 9 finalists from the United States to attend a cultural exchange in Russia which featured intensive economics training delivered by Chinese, Russian and Mongolian economists.



SOC Soc 336 (Fall 2016) : Deviant Behavior and Social Control - Download
  Section: 211

SOC Soc 354 (Fall 2016) : Survey of Medical Sociology - Download
  Section: 211

SOC Soc 413 (Fall 2016) : Analysis in Economics and Society - Download
  Section: 211

SOC 91744 (Summer 2015) : Survey of Medical Sociology - Download
  Section: 801

SOC 92236 (Summer 2015) : Introduction to Juvenile Delinquency - Download
  Section: 601

SOC 92254 (Summer 2015) : Introduction to Social Problems - Download
  Section: 701

SOC 92257 (Summer 2015) : Survey of Social Change - Download
  Section: 701

SOC 353 (Spring 2015) : Sociology of Aging - Download
  Section: 231

SOC 354 (Spring 2015) : Survey of Medical Sociology - Download
  Section: 231

SOC 413 (Spring 2015) : Analysis of Economics in Society - Download
  Section: 231

SOC 316 (Fall 2014) : Survey of Social Change-Globalization - Download
  Section: 211

SOC 353 (Fall 2014) : Survey of Sociology of Aging - Download
  Section: 211