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Eldon Wegner

Eldon Wegner



PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison



My major research focus is on issues of long-term care for the frail elderly. Recent studies examine family caregiving, home health services, and cross-national research on implementing long-term care insurance (esp. Germany).

Issues of health care and issues of aging.



Courses taught are as follows:
Soc. 353, Sociology of Aging;
Soc. 354, Medical Sociology;
Soc. 341, Social Psychology;
Soc. 441, Analysis in Indiv & Soc Str;
Soc. 454, Analysis in Med. Sociology;
Soc. 716, Sem. in Med. Sociology

Student advising for the following programs:
Sociology Department,
Center on Aging Certificate Program,



Educational Performance and Attitudes Towards School as Risk Factors for Violence, Psychology in the Schools, 47 (8): 789-802 (2010) : The purpose of this study was to examine whether school experiences, school performance, and other risk-protective factors were related to violence among Hawaiian, Filipino, and Samoan youths residing in Hawai.i. This study analyzed survey data (N = 325) collected in three high schools having concentrations of Filipino, Hawaiian, and Samoan youths, as well as a smaller number of Japanese students, which served as a comparison group. The analyses consisted of bivariate and multivariate analyses of risk protection for violence. Two- and three-way interactions were tested to examine whether there were speciÞc gender and/or ethnic effects. The Þnal model explained 29.3% of the variance in violent behavior. Five variables were signiÞcant: grade point average, pressure to choose between school and friends, favorable school attitude, feeling safe, and importance of college. Schools serving these populations should focus on fostering positive bonds between teachers and students and building bridges to families and neighborhoods. C _ 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc Download Publication Type: Articles in international or national refereed journals Co-Authors: Eldon L. Wegner, Orlando Garcia-Santiago, Stephanie T. Nishimura, Earl S. Hishinuma Keywords: youth violence, school attitudes,

Eldon L. Wegner and Sarah C.W. Yuan. 2004. Legal Welfare Fraud among Middle Class Families: Manipulating the Medicaid Program for Long Term Care,@ American Behavioral Scientist 47 (July): 1-13. (2004) : The purpose of this paper is to examine how the current long-term care provisions of Medicaid actually impedes achieving the intent of the program, diverts scarce resources from their intended purposes, and contributes to an increasing budget crisis which jeopardizes the ability of federal and state governments to meet other important societal needs. Two features of the program are especially problematic. First, the program requires that individuals divest themselves of their private assets prior to qualifying for public payment of their long-term care services. The Aspend down@ provision of the program in effect increases impoverishment. Second, many middle class persons engage in the practice of Medicaid Estate Planning (MEP), which is a mechanism of transferring or sheltering assets for the purpose of qualifying for Medicaid in order to receive the long-term care benefits. Type: Articles in international or national refereed journals Co-Authors: Sarah Yuan Keywords: Medicaid, Lont-Term Care

. Demographic and Social Variables Associated with Psychiatric and School-Related Indicators for Asian/Pacific-Islander Adolescents.@ International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 50 (4): 301-318. (2004) Type: Articles in international or national refereed journals Co-Authors: Earl S. Hishinuma, RC Johnson, BS Carlton, NN Andrade, ST Nishimura, DA Goebert, NYC Yuen, E.L. Wegner, GK Makini Jr., LB Nahulu, IWN Else, JY Chang



PPC 695 (Spring 2012) : Public Policy Topics: Aging and Long-Term Care Issues - Download
  Section: 1
  Cross Listed: IS 611
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SOC 453 (Spring 2011) : Analysis in Sociology of Aging - Download
  Section: 131

SOC 353 (Spring 2009) : Survey of Sociology of Aging - Download
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SOC 615 (Spring 2009) : Sociology of Health and Health Services - Download
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